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There’s no digital strategy, just strategy in a digital world.
~ Anonymous

As the world becomes increasingly digital all businesses, from small to large enterprises, have to transform organizational activities, processes, competencies and models to fully leverage the changes and opportunities of a mix of digital technologies.

At Erato Solutions, we analyze your needs through a focused lens ignoring all the creative fluff and the latest trends of the day to help you build a measurable, business-driven online presence that transcends into customer excitement.

Your solutions will be delivered in a four-step process as explained below.


Our Process

While our main focus is on your desired outcomes, we use a proven process to guide your project to a success ful completion. Over the years, we have found that small businesses have to be nimble and fast to meet changing market conditions. To enable that we follow Agile Software Development Methodology that emphasizes people, client collaboration, working solution, and responding to change. Below are the distinct stages in our process:



We recognize that your business is made up of simple to complex processes supported by underlying systems, data, and people to enrich your customers’ experiences.

Your vision, purpose, and goals will help us find a connection with you. We work with you to understand your strategy, technology, and operations that are in place today. Once we have a clear grasp on your business we will ideate to bring your ideas to reality.

The outcome of a Discovery is a deliverable that captures your goals, business needs, and any assets produced to set expectations for your future solution.


Analyze & Design

Information from the Discovery is analyzed to create designs that helps to visualize our ideas. You will interact with the mock-ups that mimic our proposed customer experience and have an opportunity to share your feedback.

Additionally, we separate key pieces from the noise to help you have a clear vision of the opportunities ahead of you. We work with you to create a future desired state identifying impacts on the critical processes as well as areas of behavioral change.

By the end of this stage, you will have two well-though out design ideas, so we can pick the ones that will exceed your expectations.



Now, it is time for action. From the designs we created we start building your solution. Along the way we will have demos of iterative working solution at agreed upon milestones, so that you can interact and provide feedback on the progress.



Once you provide a green light to go live with your new website, we will plan to deploy it in a production environment for your customers to reap the benefits.


With advancement in technology, the complexity of website implementation is growing exponentially, increasing your risk of throwing projects off track.

Our extensive implementation experience gives you fewer fires to fight, a more comprehensive plan, and a smoother path to launch with clear strategic objectives and measurable goals.